Seriously This is REAL STUPIDITY!

I could care less about a person's lack of skills but they're not stupid, just lacking skills and need improvement.  

Above is just stupidity as fictitious as it is...

But this is REAL stupidity that can exist in real life...

Watch this classic Transformers clip, these kinds of people are a real nuisance...

or you may want to call this REAL STUPIDITY:

Galvatron's not a good leader...

Here are some traits that make people are stupid but they don't have to exist:

1.) They think they are smarter than everybody else.  They insist they are right even when they are wrong.  Some people may be bad tempered but they do give way when they are wrong!

2.) They volunteer to do stuff they can't do to show they are more intelligent.

3.) Even if they can't do it, they still try too much even without realizing they sometimes need to retreat.

4.) They are foolhardy and always act like as if they are afraid of nothing.

5.) They love to look down at others as if they never make mistakes.

6.) They frequently mistreat others and think that it can't go back at them.

7.) They are superficial in their reasoning.

8.) They are self-obsessed even if there's nothing to brag about.

9.) They are short term thinkers.  Some of them are stingy while the others are extravagant.