Filipinos and Procrastination from All Things Important

One of the biggest irritations of competent Filipinos who do their best is that they are surrounded by mostly procrastinators in their nation they seek to improve.  As said, procrastination is another side of many Filipinos that stops progress because there aren't enough competent Filipinos to do the job.  This is part of the "Little Miss Late" mentality and these are very common like in the illustration above.  Many Filipino workers are sadly a nuisance to competent Filipinos whenever they always put aside what is important for later until they become hit by Little Miss Late.  What are these common distractions?  Above we've got solitaire, taking too long to east snacks, taking long naps, a range of excuses, game zone, doodle district and idleness.  So what's their range of excuses I've heard?  Here are some of the MOST STUPID range of excuses aside from the other sectors:

The TV is more important.  I've heard some silly excuses like how many students skip their work duties all because of the likes of Kris Aquino, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus... or to watch the latest sports games, movies, etc. when there is a HUGE job waiting for them!  Really so they are updating on the last game show, TV drama, etc. which is VERY COMMON among Filipinos.  So how important are Kris Aquino's shows anyway huh?!  For some silly fangirls, wow I can't imagine how they prioritize Piolo Pascual (or whoever idol there is for them to drool at) over their duties.  Both genders are just silly in doing that!

Pretending to be sick.  I've heard of this one a lot of times and then I end up seeing them partying hard or the claim to sickness can sometimes be pretty questionable.  I mean it does become something to note some cancer patients who are receiving treatments could even submit their work on time while I could give them some pity due to their chemo like "send me a copy of your chemo session" sort of stuff so I can extend their deadline but some people try to get sick so they can skip responsibilities.  But some people just love the sick game and some women have gone as far as to go with that stupid "I'm having dysmenorrhea." argument to their male superiors though their female superiors can catch them lying MUCH EASIER.

Pseudo-nationalism HAS to be a very bad excuse.  It's the "We are Filipino and one of our proudest traditions is procrastination!"  Ha!  What a stupid excuse!

Some even wait UNTIL the deadline before they do anything and the result is very simple... work BADLY done which is as bad as work undone.  It can be as bad as somebody who did her scrapbook project on the day of the deadline making her late for the practice she had to attend on that same day- she got the scolding she deserved and it served her right.  Think about written work done the day before vs. written work that's edited all over again in the PC carefully until the deadline- there's a huge difference in quality. With that kind of mentality carried over to development firms, those competent Filipinos are bound to get headaches because they have to deal with a lot of those who procrastinate.  Isn't it any wonder why the Philippines' development is SO SLOW?  Because they are so alert to what's not important and never alert to what is important.