Why I Still Respect the Power Rangers Franchise Overall

Okay this may sound outrageous but I still do respect Power Rangers even if I'm not really a huge fan of it for these reasons:

MMPR was part of my childhood.  Okay I'd say that I was a Sentai fan growing up watching Power Rangers.  No matter how much I hated it after some time I discovered Zyuranger, but still I'll admit Power Rangers also had its own original ideas that made it into Super Sentai.

It's part of Toei's golden goose.  Power Rangers is produced under Toei license.  Since Super Sentai doesn't meet the TV-Y7-FV standard, and America is a completely different culture one way or another, adaptation was necessary.  Saban actually pays royalty so it can't be fake compared to what stupid accusations by Arnold and Risky have though Toei should consider subbing Super Sentai for DVD releases for foreign audiences not for broadcast.

There are some decent seasons.  I'd recommend MMPR Season 1, Lost Galaxy, Time Force, Wild Force and Ninja Storm.  Okay I usually like their original counterparts better but still, they're still worth a check for me.

It made Super Sentai known.  Okay some people are TOO LAZY to read the credits.  Power Rangers acknowledges its life source that is Super Sentai in the credits as well as its licenses from Toei.  Pretty much that was how Ukiya Seed of Orends Range knew about Super Sentai coming in first when he saw Wild Force.

Overall, I went from hate to respectful neutral with this franchise.  I hope I don't return to becoming a hater again because as said, this franchise gave Toei more links!