Amy Chua-Rubenfeld's Book "Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother"

Well I have recently finished a book entitled "Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother" and in fact it was a mixed family. So she did try to repeat the mistakes of the Tiger Mom parenting because it felt like it would always work but it resulted to her being humbled by a thirteen year old. Pretty much, it's a mistake that traditional Chinese parenting makes especially when it came to Lulu Chua Rubenfeld, her second daughter who had grown to rebel despite not being pampered because of the sowing of the opposite extreme. It made me think really, we really have the problem of Tiger Moms and Tigger Moms rather than trying to achieve a balance. Just made me think that every chapter of the book is a compelling story of how some Chinese parents can be too extremely strict while Western parents can be extremely lenient- either way it is not good. Please note that the book credits her as Amy Chua.

Now for some insights of Amy Chua-Rubenfeld herself:

Here's Amy Chua-Rubenfeld and her husband American-Jewish husband Jed Rubenfeld. From reading the book, it was so "over my dead body if you don't marry Chinese" but the marriage happened. So what happened was that in the effort to repair her relationship with her second daughter Lulu, she eventually found out how to get the children to get a constructive passion while some Americans don't bother to cultivate the right passion into their children.

I just love every bit of the way that Amy's book was written - she was in fact criticizing herself most of the time, a brave move that maybe not even I am willing to do then again in some of my entries here, I've done it. But that degree of self-criticism and learning from it, well she is really worth a read. I just thought that the book became controversial to both parties since some Chinese parents can be extremely strict. On the other hand, it also reveals the flaws of the American system and a thought that Yin and Yang was needed to be balanced. I just thought that the book was really, really educational and I suggest everyone to read it as to learn from her mistakes.