Beauty as a Snare

I've done an analysis of beauty as a curse, now it's time to use beauty as a snare.  Not that all these villains are bitchy and vain but it can work in many ways.

Okay I really dunno why I like to use Gaston as an example for beauty as a snare.  Well he's definitely a "local town hero" and superficial women are attracted to him.  His attractive exterior is a facade to the fact that beneath his so-called local hero exterior he is really nothing more than a power hungry jerk.  Hmmm... times like these make me glad he isn't the high sheriff of Paris or something like that or poor Belle won't stand a chance.  Good thing Belle is able to evade his advances nor is ever attracted to him.

Well instead of using Poison Ivy which I regularly do for an example in seduction, I'd go fo the example of Lamia the half-woman, half-serpent monster that was given the name "She-Demon" in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.  While appearing very attractive, this villain would use its beauty to lure its victims.  However I had my thoughts that sometimes some attractive female villains aren't seductresses, they're just pretty but however pay no attention to it and would rather rely on their inner ugliness to do the job.