Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition vs. Tekken 6: Earlier Thoughts

Well I just started playing both games after getting a discounted PS3 for the family.  Well not that I got rid of my PS2, I still want to play other games but... I thought I'd play MK Komplete Edition and Tekken 6. So here's a friendly comparison of these games.

MK Komplete Edition

So this takes place after Mortal Kombat Armageddon where basically everything was ended at the Buddhist version of Armageddon.  The Chinese pantheon was defeated, Raiden the god of thunder is defeated by Shao Kahn on top of the pyramid after Taven ascends to join the other gods.  So after Shao Kahn kills Raiden, something happens when he says, "He must win."  So maybe Shao Kahn was defeated by the Elder Gods after this and the whole MK timeline gets reincarnated.  So maybe eons or what in the cycle of rebirth and karma, but some wicked foes are still wicked.  In here, Raiden seeking not to let another Armageddon happen gets visions from his previous life that was corrupted by a suicide ritual but literally keeps screwing it up.  Play the story mode to find out.

I pretty much thought that Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition has a lot of content available which was previously downloadable in the previous game.  So now you have Kruger, Skarlet, Kenshin and Rain as well as the classic skins from the previous lives of some Kombatants.  So it's basically an MK Trilogy remake minus Motaro plus you can't play as the bosses because they are so freaking imbalanced.  Shao Kahn for example is very cheesy in both the past life and his current incarnation.  What also makes this game somewhat amusing is the return to the 2D plane (so no sidestepping), the use of the button for each limb subtly renamed as "back punch/kick and front punch/kick) but it's basically similar to Tekken with easy to master combos, a lot of content and really the amusing Story Mode which gets a lot challenging.  The Krypt is pretty gruesome but funny at the same time.

For me, one of the best features was the final introduction of the Living Forest fatality which was really absent for so many years while being a rumor turned reality in the adventure game MK Shaolin Monks where you needed to feed the trees enemies to pass or if you get a game over in the Living Forest, you'll see your character devoured by the trees.  Sad to say, some fatalities are lame for me like I wish Sonya's kiss of death was back with a twist or another fatality I wanted to return was Kano's skeleton pull in full 3D, Jax's MKDA fatality and Stryker's chain bomb fatality.  The blood options, well I guess that's another downside since you can't turn the blood off via options or two, reduce the blood level.

As of late, I have finished that freaking Story Mode, I have at least played through the Arcade Mode with Liu Kang, Scorpion, Kitana, Kung Lao, Sub-Zero and Sonya.  For me, the Challenge Tower is really challenging one way or another.  Made me think this game is so fresh, really any adult gamer can pick it. Warning not for the squirmish.

My other game I started playing was Tekken 6.  In here, so Jin Kazama goes crazy after he kills his great-grandfather Jinpachi Mishima and takes over the Mishima Zaibatsu.  War breaks across the world and the conflict between Jin and Kazuya awakens an ancient evil in... Azazel!  Azazel is one gigantic evil being that has plagued humanity is now returning.  I guess there's no price money here, only survival and Azazel is apparently connected with the Mishima clan.  Just made me think that Jin going nuts and Kazuya even more nuts makes such a stupid conflict that will take away the lives of many.

So what makes this different?  While it does maintain some coolness but WTF do I have to play through Scenario Campaign?  Really... just a thought just to access the freaking story mode?  So far, I have begun the Scenario Campaign but Namco, I wonder what you are thinking because I am pretty mixed on this one.  I need to freakingly play through Scenario Campaign just so I can complete the ENDINGS?  WTF?  It made me think Namco it does seem nice, the game itself is still deep in gameplay and a fun party game but why do I have to freakingly play Scenario Campaign first?  But as far as concerned, Scenario Campaign is fun so I guess I'll argue less.  In my opinion, having played through Arcade Mode once with no ending done, I thought of it that Azazel is one freaking crazy boss... hmmm and the biggest and toughest Tekken boss ever considering the number of times you're forced to side step and time attacks carefully. =P