Character Types That I Think Tend to Ruin Comedy

Well for comedy I thought that here are the kinds of characters that really tend to ruin comedy like...

Well you can have really extremely arrogant characters among the main cast of protagonists.  For one I may be a fan of Victoria Justice and I watch that show for her BUT Jade West is so much of an arrogant bitch.  I like strong women but an arrogant bitch is always different.  Seldom I just want to ring Jade West's neck out of defense for Tori Vega.  Man or woman, it really freaking annoys me.

Overly stupid characters that mess up the situation even further than help it.  There are times Cat really gets me angry in Victorious.  The worst case scenario was when Tori Vega and her friends were STUCK in their RV and she dilly dallies... really she could have KILLED THEM!  What makes them really hard to deal with is that they are so stupid they can't see it that they are wrong.

Moronic characters that DO NOT contribute to plot.  Yup to be honest, I think I could have stuck through Power Rangers Dino Thunder and Power Rangers Samurai if it wasn't for useless characters (though I admit the guilty pleasure of using Spike for stupid jokes) but it was really that Cassidy and Devin in Dino Thunder taht makes me want to pull my hair off.  In fact, sometimes Bulk and Skull (and later Spike replaced Skull) tends to make me not to appreciate the shows they are in.

Not to mention obnoxious people like Hannah Montana.