Some Eye Candy Show Stealers and Movies

Well here are list of films I thought really had significant eye candies that sort of "steal the show".  It's a sad fact really that men can be very superficial.

Raw Justice is a pretty bad movie for me with plot and execution.  For one, I thought that the plot is so poorly executed but you'll have to admit that a much younger Pamela Anderson was so smoking hot before she had all those surgeries!  She's got a very minor role in here but she basically got focused by some critics.  To be honest, using her as a cover wasn't very good considering she is not the main character but if she was, it'd be okay.

Power Rangers: The Movie... yup that non-canon film where Lord Zedd and Rita both screwed up major time but later resumed power at the end of it.  I would admit that Amy Jo Johnson was really a smoking hot babe, for me she stole my attention from the rest of it.  I think she basically stole some attention in PR Turbo which was for me the worst PR film ever. =P  Also she was practically an eye stealer in Hard Ground.

For Interview with the Vampire, it's highly possible that Laure Marsac's rather short scene practically stole the movie's attention to a certain point.  Her rather steamy performance as the mortal woman on stage may have gathered a lot of special attention.

Mortal Kombat... yeah I know that film gives me a lot of mixed feelings but Bridgette Wilson is freaking hot although she can really act compared to Pamela Anderson plus she can KICK ASS.  Hee hee, somehow they even used her to model Sonya for the MK 2011 game. =P  Too bad a Tekken movie was never done earlier, she could have been a good Nina Williams. =P

"The Promise" may have had Rhian Ramos Howell as a practical eye stealer.  I find her really, really hot.

You might want to consider Scream 4, Emma Roberts' FIRST role in an R-rated film.  She's the big time antagonist but for me, I watched it for her but yeah I'm not a fan of slasher films myself and I hated to see her character die.

Or maybe that Teen movie "Fun Size" where I really basically just watched it for Victoria Justice despite how annoying the plot got and how sorry I felt for her character.  The shower scenes are really tempting. =P  Then again she IS the focus of the movie.