Some of My Inspirations of as a Writer

Well there's been various sources of my inspirations for writing and here they are:

Crossover games.  Well there are Mega Crossovers between two companies or within companies.  In my case, I was a fan of the Marvel vs. Capcom series until the third game was so bad for me.  However there are some like MK vs. DC (which I wasn't interested due to my biases towards DC) which I am now trying to attempt to write Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel Comics. But I do NEED some help for MK vs. Marvel.

Kamen Rider Heisi era for me has provided me more inspiration than the Showa era.  The reason is because Kamen Rider feels like a J-Drama these days loaded with the right pacing of using monsters of the week with ever brewing plots.

Well-written action drama and movies.  Yup I would agree it's one of the things that really would inspire me as a writer.  In fact, this is why I opened my Oriental movie/drama blog in the first place.

Super Sentai is a very big part of my inspiration.  It does inspire me to try the denser and wackier to the darker and edgier stuff in writing.  Growing up with Super Sentai, this is definitely part of it.

The beauty of nature serves as an inspiration for my writings.  Then again, that includes certain types of women of various looks x attitude combinations.

Oh yes classical music does stimulate my mind.  Music does matter!  In fact the music of Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Chopin are a few that stimulate my mind.

Power Rangers.  Okay this sounds really stupid but I still consider Power Rangers as an inspiration to my writing.  Okay it didn't come during the Disney era but ironically during Mr. Krabs' really bad comeback with Power Rangers Samurai that I considered it now as a part of my inspirations.  So how did it inspire me?  I thought of Tokusatsu x Nickelodeon crossovers which resulted to the birth of Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon and Kamen Rider Kiva vs. Danny Phantom.  This isn't really primary but I have to admit Power Rangers gave me the courage to attempt crossing Japanese characters with American characters though I doubt it Spongebob will kick ass with the Power Rangers against bad guys. =P