Some Signs to Know You are Watching Too Much Tokusatsu

Here are some signs you are watching too much Tokusatsu:

You may have the obsession of becoming a Tokusatsu hero yourself.

You tend to talk of nothing but Tokusatsu.

You definitely think Rin Takanashi's cooking is as bad as her character Mako's.  Or in other words, you are having a hard time separating the palettes of fiction from reality of the actor/actress and the character.  Heck you might even be scared to meet any Sentai villain actor or actress!

You might be scared of monsters being created from objects, animals becoming monsters or you yourself becoming a monster.  You might even start hallucinating of people becoming monsters.

Not to mention, you are driving too cautiously in the fear of another giant robot battle.

So there you have it!  Remember Tokusatsu may have some realism but it is mostly fiction!