Some Stuff that Muck Up My Writing Stories

It's very important for me now to realize that here are stuff that muck up my writing namely...

Having unfair hate issues and emotional breakdowns.  Yup that can be very true that hatred is one of the things that muck up my writing.  That is, well like my writing of my story where I killed the Operation Overdrive, purposely derailed them and used others as a mouthpiece all because I hated the show.  I really deserved the bad comments.  This keeps me at a very unsound mind like I mind nuisances too much.  I have the tendency to write a lot of hate.

Love for blatant silliness.  I can agree with this one.  For one, I figured out that comedy isn't as easy to do as I thought.  It takes real good timing and real "hard to figure".  This has caused me to add a lot of nonsense stuff into many of my fan fictions.

Unrestrained feelings.  Well that's why my writing does get very messy because I have my issues of dealing with mood swings which happen sometimes for no valid reason at all.  This can also mean that I suddenly take control of EVERYTHING and alter everything according to my whim whenever my feelings can't be restrained.  This can be linked to self-indulgence.

Uncontrollable delusions.  Well you do need to eject out of delusion sometimes if it reaches the danger zone do you?  This is another of the stuff that muck up my writing of stories.

Not to mention my obsession with gorgeous girls.  Sigh, I wish this never happened because in the past, I was far less attracted to them but the present is so painful.  Again, also there's me and my love for fanservice.