Yup Some Girl Like Trixie

I just had my unfortunate rise and fortunate fall with a girl like Trixie. So yeah, she wasn't really the hottest girl in school nor anything but she was still kinda hot but not really smoking.  She was three years my junior and I began to fall for her when she was 13 I was 16 that time.  So what's the real deal?  She was a campus queen, I was a delinquent and things started to go to awkwardness.  While I had a crush on her, I still remembered my first crush who I wished to be reunited with but every time I saw the other girl, I avoided her.  For that girl who was like Trixie Tang, I felt it was like getting a rock and pounding myself with it since she was actually a materialistic lady.  Made me think these can't adjust to my semi-conservative lifestyle compared to her hyper-Western living:

1.) Trips abroad a lot every year.
2.) She loves to change clothes styles a lot.
3.) She is an addict to accessories.
4.) She loves going out to expensive places.

Just made me think I'm glad she doesn't want to talk to me ever again because she ain't worth the time.  For me, that's probably worse than the average American lifestyle.