Some Pinoy Talents in Tokusatsu

Scream purists all you want but I still want to recognize some people you don't want to be here:

Sayaka Akimoto- She is half-Filipino (mother side) and half-Japanese (father side).  She does look like actress Lovi Poe but only prettier.  She resembles the late Chinese actress Li Yu a little bit more but she's darker.  She appeared in Ultraman Saga as Anna though she is more involved in J-Drama.

Yu Takanashi- She played as the Fangire Hunter Yuri Aso in Kamen Rider Kiva.  Another half-Pinay talent.  But she looks more like Vivian Hsu to me, only prettier and better in acting.

Rhoda Montemayor- She's okay, I just don't like how Operation Overdrive went with having a good concept but pretty much the execution was so bad it crashed. XP  Plus, I'm more of a Haruka Suenaga fan.

Aljin Abella- He played as Theo in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.  I don't know how many percent Pinoy he is but he does seem to have Chinese descent.

Christina Masterson- She is half-American, half-Filipino beauty though I'm more into Ciara Hanna.