So My First Crush Was Someone Else?

I did some self-searching only to find myself in some rather awkward situation.  So guess what?  I really would need to admit the girl I once thought was my "one true love" and whatever way back as some stupid kid, wasn't the one.  So it was more of "have to look for this and that" pressure that led to the encounter and as far as concerned, I was pained to think that I was lying to myself all these years.  In fact, I would hate to admit it having rigid, super traditional relatives is never an easy thing for me.  In fact, my so-called first crush wasn't my first crush at all.

Well I would admit that soon, I didn't see her but was starting to long for her and I'd say I haven't seen her for some time but later, I saw her again.  It was pretty simply like this- she really grew up to be real hot in fact she had some resemblance to the actress Rin Takanashi. I did remember seeing her in Starbucks and of course, we did have some long chat.  Hmmm and she's been pretty choosy with her suitors huh?  I guess she must be a terrible cook.  However if it comes to having her, I just thought that she might be or not be the one for me but if we are for each other, I better hurry up because giving birth to a first child at the 30s for ladies can be hard.

Well with that "longing" for her, I remembered the first time I met that Pamela Anderson lookalike and thought it was her.  But it wasn't.  Well I did become friends with the Pamela Anderson lookalike who gave me that uneasy feeling because of her appearance but she's a nice person.  On the other hand, it pains me that I've become superficial to a certain extent if you ask me!


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