That Uneasy Feeling When I'm Near That Pamela Anderson Lookalike

Hate to admit it but there's also that "uneasy feeling" whenever I'm near that Pamela Anderson lookalike I met back in College.  My reasons?  Well she may be a nice person but let's just say, sometimes being too pretty can be an obstacle.  In fact, I was hesitant to befriend her because I felt that burning sensation whenever I was near her.

Pamela Anderson da giovane
For starters, she's a brunette not a blonde like the real Pamela Anderson prior to dyeing her hair.  I would say she was very arresting.  I guess there's always an uneasy feeling for me whenever I'm near somebody who is that unusually attractive.  My thoughts also go that I've been in self-denial for years in what I really wanted and all... so probably that's why that uneasy moment arrived.  However I have become quite friends with her and I hope to pursue a healthy relationship with her based on her personality and not her appearance, she kinda reminds me of that Bea Saw lookalike I used to fancy.

I would like to say that I was hesitant to be friends with her though I would say "hi" whenever we crossed paths.  But I would also admit that my appreciation of her can be very shallow which isn't good either.


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