The Hypocrisy of Pinoy Pridists

Another issue worth tackling about is the issue of Pinoy pridists  Pinoy pridists are pretty irritating and are one of the reasons why the Philippines will hardly move on.  Now I'd like to tackle with them...

They tend to ridicule their fellow Filipinos who are Chinese by blood (the Tsinoys) but they enjoy their franchises like Jollibee and go shopping (or chilling out) to places like SM and Robinson;s which are also owned by Filipino-Chinese.

They are quick to demand punishment for guilty foreigners on Filipino soil but they want guilty Pinoys to be pardoned abroad.  A guilty person is a guilty person.  Period.

They want foreigners to recognize their talent but they refuse to recognize the talent of others.  Or you could also bring up the issue they gloat too much about talented Filipinos as if the whole race are all talented when not all Filipinos are. I hope that stupid Congress bill to prohibit Filipinos from bringing copyrighted materials abroad will be junked permanently showing how stupid the Pinoy pridists are.

They tend to go angry against foreigners but the next thing you know, they are actually using some things imported since let's just face it- some average priced clothes may be produced abroad or two, some locally produced goods carry an imported brand (ex. Nestle).

As said, enough is enough!


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