Choosing Between Two Hot Girls?

Well I'm going to need to make a final decision between them... but it's tough.

For my real first crush.  I had my thoughts that I haven't known her much because of the gap period but I've heard she's still pretty nice.  Yeah I know she's had her racial biases before (and so did I) but it's all in the past.  I thought that lately, she's still sweet and simple (but with some high class taste like I do).  Yeah I was pretty young back then.  She is a beauty, brains, body girl.  Looking at her as of present, she does have her being sweet and simple.

For the Pamela Anderson lookalike at first I thought she was my real first crush but later, things started to develop into a different direction.  Despite her being hot, she was is a nice, friendly girl who doesn't brag about her assets at all.  I was at first shy about her but we became friends.  I had my thoughts while she looks dumb but she's pretty smart and has pretty much a simpler lifestyle.  She is my ideal woman and I have had some encounters with her.  Well if I'm to talk, I hope I can really get this Pam lookalike.  To be honest, I really think about marrying her.