It's Never More Fun at the Pinoypines!

So the Pinoy pridists definitely went head to head against the Philippine government.  Unfortunately for them, the Philippines is for Filipinos, not lowly Filipinos who are called Failipinos.  So what did they do?  So they gathered everyone who they thought was "pure Pinoy" like dark brown skin and other "Pinoy features" and found some uncharted island just below Mindanao.  After some months of travel thanks to them just using bankga, they found their place.  So it began, the nation called the Pinoypines.  They demanded for sovereignty and the government not wanting to deal with them, gave it to them.  So here the members like Bayan Muna and whatever decided to make the nation and called it the Pinoypines because they wanted to be proud of their being Pinoy.  In short, it was a challenge to the government.  They say, "Well this is Pinoy pride nation and we'll show you how we succeed!"  So in no time, this was created as their nation.

Their warped sense of nationalism made them make bahay kubos and a slum nation with very poor discipline especially among its children.  If you ask me, they have a poor concept of cleanliness.  Also they started to live worse than before.  So pretty much they started their own currency called Pinoy shells.  That's right, it went back to native currency.  Their economy is ran on indigenous materials.  Their place really stinks and if you ask me, disease is high there.  Their government is a democrazic one.  These people have no concept of proper waste disposal. Their country went back to the dark ages- no electricity, no modern technology, etc.  Just think of it that since there are very few trees in their area, no cool breeze to become a natural airconditioner!  Areas with lots of trees need no aircon at all because they are natural airconditioners but theirs has become so warm because of a lack of trees thus some of their people could die from heatstrokes.  Even their animals aren't safe... there's a lot of rabid dogs (these were native to the island) in that country that eventually killed a good portion of their population.

Even their appointed leader Juan Tamad just doesn't care about the people- he just sleeps all day.  What kind of a leader is Juan Tamad anyway?  So pretty much thanks to Juan Tamad's leadership the nation's economy is far worse than country poorer than the Philippines!  To Juan Tamad, he doesn't even seek to improve the nation at all.  All he does is sleep and sleep.  In fact, he's so lazy that the guava has to be fed to his mouth.  Juan Tamad has showed he's worse of a dictator than most Communists.  When the nations of Japan, Taiwan and America offered the help them, he only shrugged them off.  Unfortunately he also declared war against them saying he dares to fight them with his bankga military armed with only spears and whatever indigenous weapons available.  Good luck your "excellency" on your battle.

So they started to make memorials of Flor Contemplacion, her three sons and all the executed OFWs who they believed were innocent even when guilty.  No longer was Jose Rizal their national hero.  They made Flor Contemplacion their national hero.  They said, "We're an oppressed nation finally liberated."  So they began to sing "Kahit Konting Awa" as their national anthem but later it was translated to to Hiligaynon.  You could start to expect they also made the late Rolando Mendoza another of their heroes for helping them fight the "oppressive Chinese".  March 17 became known as Flor Contemplacion Day.  Sadly for them, their lack of technology can't make them view the movie they loved so much!  Boohoo so they did their passion plays instead to commemorate their "heroine".

So really this country is doomed to earlier failure than most third world countries!