On Michael Christian Martinez... the Lone Filipino Figure Skating Athlete in Russia!

It's nice to see Filipinos who succeed despite coming from a scourged nation to prove that there is chance for improvement.  However what is sad to think about it is that this guy, a Filipino, doesn't even have government endorsement compared to athletes from other countries.  So really what's the point with the government?  They are too busy trying to free guilty Filipinos abroad and whatever personal vendetta B.S. Aquino has?  really and they ignore this glorious moment?  Well all I can say is that the government is pretty fair weathered and so are the Pinoy pridists.  In fact it saddens me to think why the Malacanang Palace of the Philippines hasn't even endorsed this guy?!  WTF?  This is a Filipino athlete in need of endorsement of the Philippine government.

So Pinoy pridists will start to only gloat about him IF HE WINS and they may celebrate like no tomorrow ignoring the fact it was not their win, it was his.  But let this guy lose even one competition (well because there are always better people than he is) and then they'll all start showing him as a disgrace.  I just hope that this guy won't gloat that it's because he's Filipino that he has been skilled, no skill are individual, NOTHING to do with race!  I am just glad here's one Filipino who may make a difference but on the other hand, Pinoy pridists will soon ride on his victory.

What comes into my mind is the little red hen.  The story goes when the little red hen wanted help in preparing the bread and all but none of her friends would help her.  When the bread was done, they all wanted a share.  So in due fairness, the little red hen gave none.  When this guy wins, he should NEVER share his achievement with parasitic Pinoy pridists while his achievement should be recorded among Filipinos who achieve something.