Worst Country to Go To: The Pinoypines!

Hello everyone and welcome to the worst country to go to called the Pinoypines!  These were Filipinos by blood who gathered together, hating any progress that could have saved the Philippines so they illegally built a nation somewhere calling it the Pinoypines.  To spare the government from butthurt, the government granted them sovereignty anyway and they built it below the Philippines in some forgotten island that the government failed to chart in the map.  Now here's what to expect from the Pinoypines:

Squatters indiscriminately dump waste onto Manila's waterways.
Well there's no land, only nipa huts built on water for most of its territory.  If there's any land, don't dream about it.  People in the Pinoypines are very dirty, disrespectful and you can look at how they live.  They don't have indoor plumbing, they never wash their hands, they eat dirty food and UGH I AM ABOUT TO PUKE!  That is their country.  And yup, these guys are the Pinoys, not to be confused with Filipinos.

Well I was wrong.  They did find an island after all to live but it was so small the Philippine government forgot about it and let them do what they want since that piece of land was hardly potential for development.  Now they live with their bad lifestyles.  Now they just wear bahag and started making their indigenous materials to run the country.  Pinoypines' currency is called the Pinoy currency out only of native materials.  Since they have no foreign exchange system so yeah, you can't buy anything there except in shells.

This is life at the Pinoypines, basically squatters like the ones above.  Man I hate to think of the people there are so crude and rude.  In fact, they have a poor sense of hygiene.  They say they are number one in hygiene only because of their mandatory circumcision but they are one problematic nation.  You can't even expect to enjoy their native delicacies there either.  They don't even clean things up.  Some people who went there are stepping on a lot of dirt.  I hate to think what laws they have there since they are so accustomed to lawlessness. They are also not timely and are fair-weathered friends.

Plus they are very unfriendly to foreigners.  Well this was them before they all took off their clothes to wear bahag.  Now they even had to restart their language with baybayin and native ways.  Also, they hate foreign help and when somebody wants to clean up the place to make good business, you don't get it.  Then they later try to have OFWs but can't because they don't have a pier or airport!

Now would you want to go to this country?