My Uncontrollable Teenage Fling

I would admit that I was in denial and well, denial over that hot girl back as a teenager.  So okay I didn't like her at first because of some attitude issues but I soon got drawn to her attractive visage, which became a lustful issue.  Which I was pretty much antagonistic towards her at the start but it just slowly became an attraction of sorts.  So how do I describe it?  It was an awkward attraction overall which really had me running from her and pursuing her?  Awkward isn't it?

Of course, I could say she was a bad girl in a way despite her being hot though I've met hotter ones later who have a better inner (which matters a lot).  In what way was she a bad girl?  She had asked me several provocative questions that stain my mind and talked to me suggestive things between me and her when we were in private.  I did remember the time she seldom asked me to touch her hand or arm for the sake of it.  And when I did, it was really temptation, temptation and it was really revolving into some kind of lust that was hard to contain in me because truth is, I really desired her despite her flirty personality.  She would be the Poison Ivy of my life.

Wanting to avoid temptation from her, I decided to hit on some average looking geek who was pretty tall, she just arrived after a year after the fling.  She didn't take it to well either and I would say she is shallow.  Which this went for some time while I was pursuing her best friend who looks like Mika Katsumura and that average looking geek who looks like Sayuri Uchida. Really, I kind of wanted to tell her the truth about her flirty behavior but I always found myself powerless over her, except to say no when it came to getting intimate with her.  This added to everything that I was even hesitant to admit I did like her to a certain extent as well.    Though later, I just thought finding other girls was pretty much a remedy.