Satirical News: Tondo, Manila Declared Most Dangerous Place in Asia!

After the arrival of Blob Blabbersky who had migrated to the Philippines, he had established his territory in Tondo, Manila and now it has become the most dangerous place in Asia.  After all he won the hearts of the squatters and created a lawless turf under his leadership that tolerates foolishness all around.  In just a matter of days Tondo, Manila has become a very unsafe place because there is no peace and order.  Not even the police could withstand Blob Blabbersky and his band of squatters.  The squatters found a cause to fight for, for their freedom to protect their paradise in Tondo, Manila declaring that they were a free people.  Blob was elected as their chieftain of squatters.  He was last seen running around only with his underwear on to declare his freedom movement as shown above.

Incident after incident happened like stealing electricity, urinating and defecating anywhere, theft and even murder had arose not ever since Blob Blabbersky declared his hatred for cops and started killing them.  One after the other, cops could no longer apprehend the Blob himself.  Cops were no longer able to deal with the squatters in Tondo with their "freedom zone".  They would not allow anything to repress their so-called freedom as they began to repel the well-to-do people whether they were ordinary businessmen or super duper rich people would not dare fight the immovable Blob.  Tondo has been taken over by Blob and his band of squatters who have declared Tondo as their paradise.  Bullets could not even stop the Blob!  Now they plan to make a full scale attack on Singapore to rescue the Pinoy pridists imprisoned there.

President Nobita was later found scolded by his adviser Doraemon for refusing to take action against the Blob.  All President Nobita said was, "I can't handle this anymore.  This problem is worse than the conflict that the Philippines has with Spratlys.  Huhuhuh!"  Meanwhile, he still plans to implement the anti-cybercrime law because people are all writing bad about his cowardice and indifference towards the situation.


  1. How about have Blob evolve into Jabba the Hutt later on? XD


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