Are Anti-Nobitacracy People Immediately Pro-Macoy People?

Nobitacrats are probably more stupid than usual... and they immediately conclude that every person who criticizes their role model, President Nobita is immediately a Macoy loyalist.  WTF?!  If you ask me, people just voted for Nobita all because he was that cartoon character they always watched on TV, all because his late mother was part of EDSA.  And remembering EDSA-1, everybody just campaigned to vote for Cory all because of her dead husband Ninoy.  To be honest, where was Nobita during the coup de etat?  At the disco?  Unfortunately Nobita's clan just didn't help the country recover from the Macoy Dictatorship. The Philippines is just replacing one problem after the other- Macoyism is replaced by a wrong democracy ad now it's a Nobitacracy!  Really, a shame that Ninoy's son Nobita had become a disgrace for what his father died to liberate the country, and unfortunately the rest of the Aquino clan are disgracing the 500 peso bill.

To be honest, there are times there is a neutral ground since this is not a battle of right and wrong.  To be honest, when both sides are wrong, there is always the right to neutrality.  Unfortunately the Macoy Administration did damage to the Philippines and Macoy supporters have a lot of lies to tell.  Then again so do the supporters of the yellow revolution of both Cory and her son Nobita.  To be honest, if I had to vote against Bongbong and Nobita, neither will get my vote.  Besides no more second term for Nobita before he ultimately destroys the country with his ampaw policies.

Besides whether a person was pro-Macoy or anti-Macoy, any sensible anti-Macoy person will definitely not support an idiot like President Nobita.  Like refusing to apologize to HK is a huge economic strain, the way he did the "Pwede Na Yan" blue Doraemon boat at Pasig River is just stupid, you might consider that he refuses to get rid of the mandatory 60/40 and change the joint venture system to either 50/50 or giving higher shares to foreign investors and allowing 100% ownership to those who qualify for it.  But no, Nobita is probably just protecting the mediocre businessmen, not encouraging competition and no wonder the Philippines is so messed up.

Personally, I don't like Ferdinand E. Macoy and I don't like President Nobita.  Go ahead and accuse me of being a Macoy supporter because Nobitacrats just don't realize that, the whole Yellow Revolution just paved me to worsen the damage did by the Macoy Administration.  And one thing, really I don't want to even think of yet another of Nobita's dumb relatives like his cousin Bum Bum or his sister Krisis to ever lead the country.  Seriously Nobitacrats are just a group of stupid people who need to wake up from their Nobitacratic delusions!