Degrees of Foreign Ownership that the Philippines Should Encourage!

The Philippines can be an economically progressive country and not just the Visayas.  Problem is, 60/40 is very self-serving to the government and it might soon become 70/40, 80/20 and even worse 99/1.  So here are what would be better than 60/40:

1.) For foreign companies who prefer joint venture:

a.) 50/50- Firms may want to start with a 50/50 fair deal.  It's more fair and equal and advantageous to both sides.  China started with 50/50 and ever since then, more nations want to invest there because the joint venture policy is fair though they are still kind of strict with granting 100% ownership.

b.) 40/60 to 10/90- They can also avail of having a 60% ownership up to 90% ownership as another package deal as either a start or upgrade.

Certain degrees of joint venture can be done in favor of the foreign company without being selfish.

2.) 100% ownership is also granted for firms that are established.  However, a probationary period of a joint venture may be given but they are to choose between 50% to 90% ownership.  If they can prove themselves capable of running on their own or familiar within a year or two, they can be granted 100% ownership.


  1. Meanwhile, our country will still want to keep 60/40 in favor of local businesses because they are afraid that we will be colonized again and that because we will be given "unfair competition." :P


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