Satirical News: President Nobita's Band "No Direction" Becomes Overnight Sensation!

After President Nobita, Pink, Doraemar, Kill and Money formed their band "No Direction", it became a much bigger hit than One Direction overnight.  So basically move over One Direction because No Direction is the new music band.  While One Direction's concert is still next year so hopefully there will be more tickets for their fans, No Direction plans to do their first concert during the Nobita's SONA.

The group itself performed a rock rendition of the song "Bayan Ko" on Youtube shot by Presidential Adviser Doraemon which was performed using Kulintang and other native Filipino instruments.  It immediately got a lot of audiences from the Philippines and nobody cared that this was a sudden announcement.  Unlike One Direction who announced their arrival beforehand, this was a sudden phenomenon!

A lot of people from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao all flew over to SM Mall of Asia which had even jam packed MRT, taxis, jeepneys, buses and some even had to use the propeller caps President Nobita suggested to reach the place.  The traffic was three times longer than the One Direction ticket rush.  This time lots of Nobitards lined up of all ages and most of them were confirmed not to apply for a leave in their job.  The line filled up the whole SM Mall of Asia just this morning that nobody was able to go shopping.  The line even reached up the next five corners.

One fan said, "President Nobita you're the best." during the ticket release.  The tickets were mediocre quality as it was marked with "Pwede Na Yan".  During the ticket sales, lots of Nobita fans lined up as Doraemon issued all the tickets.  However, due to the lack of planning, a lot of people missed out tickets even for regular tickets.  Some people belonging to the oligarchy were able to purchase the PHP 17,000.00 worth of tickets to get VIP seats for the upcoming Nobita's SONA.  Others cried a lot harder when they were not able to get the VIP tickets to the Nobita's SONA.  It was even a river of tears compared to that of the teenagers who cried over the VIP tickets for One Direction.

"I hope this new band will promote the OPM industry.  We are proud of our Filipino identity.  See you all at the next Nobita's SONA!" said President Nobita.