Satirical News: Toady Casino Declares War on One Direction!

After President Nobita formed his own band called "No Direction", Toady Casino shows just how butthurt he can be when he declared war on foreign music.  Normally the long lines to buy tickets for OPM which means Obnoxious Pinoy Music artists are not that long compared to the SM Mall of Asia line.  People slept there on the evening, had a camping just to get the VIP ticket.  No such phenomenon happened in the Philippines for any Pinoy artist.  The sore loser clown Toady Casino gets mad especially when his children wanted to see One Direction.  But he told them they were evil because they were foreign and took them out to watch a Badjao concert instead!

"This is utterly embarrassing!  We Pinoys are the best in everything- music, science, etc. and the world is biased and jealous!  How dare One Direction steal all the attention from our OPM!  This is already going too far!  I don't know why our Filipinos cannot be patriotic by choosing their own products instead of imported! We are better with a closed economy!" said Toady Casino during an interview, where he raised a Bobo Muna rally at Mall of Asia demanding One Direction to cancel their next year's concert.

Fortunately for One Direction, President Nobita forming the music band "No Direction" turned out not to be a plot to overshadow them.  To gain popularity, President Nobita aided the One Direction band in selling the newer lower class tickets since VIP tickets have very limited seats.  Even better, Presidential Adviser Doraemon had brought aid from Japan to protect One Direction from any leftist rallies.  Kamen Rider Gaim himself agreed to help protect One Direction band from leftist attacks.  A team of half-Japanese, half-Filipino soldiers are also assigned to protect One Direction should they plan to enter the Philippines at any time for other purposes.