The Failure of Nobitacracy

This meme from Deviant Art says it all.  I was thinking that the problem of people can be is how they are so easily carried away by impressionism.  I mean, one might consider some of the problems of the United States might be because of that, and the Philippines is no exemption from the same kind of stupidity that hits the third world countries.  People voted for Sherap all because he was a popular actor, the late FPJ was the real winner because he was an actor even with zilch political experience, you can have the list going on and people voted for President Nobita all because he resembled the cartoon Nobita (who is an only child in contrast to the real Nobita who has sisters, one notably Krisis).

And yeah, in a way the cartoon character they always watch on TV after 20 years became the current president of the Philippines.  If one remembers watching Doraemon, Nobita is obviously not taking things seriously.  Sad to say, this real life Nobita who didn't end up with Shizuka, this Nobita who has siblings, this real life Nobita who now runs the Philippines.  Really what has his regime achieved?  Nothing more than a circus of investigations that just makes him "look good".

So what's the failure of Nobitacracy?  It fails to see how the 1987 Constitution did not repair Macoyism and two, it immediately accuses critics of President Nobita's brainless regime to be immediately Macoyists.  WTF?  It's the Pinoy telenovela mentality, no surprise that President Nobita is also know as PNoy which sounds similar to Pinoy.  Second term for Nobita?  Oh please no more!  And in fact, voting for Nobita all because of his late mother Cory or his late father Ninoy is STUPID!  I mean, Ninoy died for freedom but not Nobita.  The late Cory got voted only because of her late husband Ninoy.  Then after Cory died, Nobita becomes president.  It may have saved the Philippines from another Sherap Regime but he is probably just as stupid as Sherap is... but Sherap had more brains to apologize.

Despite the promise to produce jobs, why does not President Nobita try to repeal the stupid mandatory 60/40 deal and promote better joint ventures?  I mean minimum of 50% to 90% ownership to foreign firms can help.  Some firms may want joint ventures because they want to be be familiar with the market but the 60% for Philippines is protecting only the greedy oligarchs.  Limited electricity, bad Internet, poor water supply, a lot of people are jobless especially in Luzon and Mindanao - if these continue the Philippines will probably become a real third world country.  It's more of a second world considering it's not as bad as Somalia and Tanzania BUT one can be certain, let the problem go on and the Philippines could become the worst country in the world.  Also as much as I appreciate Miriam Santiago's tirades she should also be in favor of the removal of the 60/40 mandatory practice too to open up the economy.

So really, what has Nobitacracy achieved?  During the earthquake in Visayas and not to mention Yolanda, what did they give?  Rotten goods!  Private firms and American groups gave real relief, but Nobita is obviously a patron of mediocre work.  And I have to be blunt with reality, the 1987 Constitution pushed the Philippines behind in ASEAN with its 60/40, it has become left behind compared to the more open economy of Communist China.  Really where's the democracy here?  No more democracy- while democracy is a govenrment of the people, by the people and FOR the people - Nobitacracy is the opposite.  Nobitacracy is a government off the people because we buy the people and fool the people especially with how mediocrity is a promoted thing and how Nobita really, had bungled up relations with China and much more.  And all that Nobitacracy is nothing but a bunch of trash that is killing the Philippines to becoming as bad as majority of South America.

So really get real Philippines!


  1. It's just like how my mother is bedazzled by the gadgets and gizmos, and whatever "freebies" those Pinoy telcos give just to hide the fact that they have crappy services. What they and the Nobitacratic government have in common is that they are both like literal shit covered in expensive jewels. No matter how you try to beautify shit, it's still shit no matter what...

    Just a correction, though: you should add "because we" in between "off the people" and "buy the..." Just to make it grammatically-correct... ;)


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