What Energy Secretary Pestiha is PROBABLY IGNORING!

I might be no electrical engineer or any related courses, but based on supply and demand, I can really see that Energy Secretary Jericho Pestiha is just stupid.  From his telling firms not to use airconditioner during the summer noon (wow, he could go as stupid as to even tell them not to use electric fan also huh?), now he thinks the Philippines is not an energy crisis.  But let's see I guess he knows the truth the Philippines NEEDS more power suppliers but out of "protectionism" for the greedy oligarghs and the rotten enforced 60/40, to protect Meralco or better yet called Meralconsumisyon because of the high rates.

In economics, there is the concept of monopoly where there is ZERO competition.  The oligarchs of the Philippines are greedy and only care about power.  Only one power provider is one reason why Luzon is so plagued with brownouts.  Also Meralco becomes free to abuse its power when there is no competition.  And with economic principles, low supply and high demand equals high price.  It's safe to assume that the oligarchs know that and they exploit that.

Only if the Philippine government will allow foreign power companies to enter (as long as they aren't unscrupulous like Meralco), it will allow the Philippines to experience more power supply.  But those oligarchs are real cowards who think they are entitled to everything.