Other Obstacles to Foreign Investment in the Philippines Aside from the Mandatory 60/40

Removing the 60/40 is NOT a guarantee foreigners will invest in the Philippines.  Here are other obstacles to foreign investment to deal with...

Arrogant Filipino squatters
Poor peace and order.  You can name it with the squatters in Tondo to the high rates of crimes that don't go unpunished just because the masterminds are rich.  Who wants to invest in places like Tondo or Basilan?  Even with a grant of 100% ownership, nobody would want to invest in a crime infested area.  One could mention those annoying leftists like the Anak ng Bobo, Bobo Muna and Migraine International.  One can also see the rampant kidnapping of people for ransom.  One can see how Imperial Manila is a crime infested city!  Invest and maybe you don't see returns.  60/40 won't be so bad if it wasn't for bad investments!

Poor source of employment.  Apparently most Pinoys consider jobs like factory worker, janitor, construction worker or any menial labor as "lowly" and "shameful".  They would rather have high paying jobs even without a proper education or more importantly, experience.   I mean who wants employees who are habitually late, have a high bloated ego and don't do their work properly?

High costs of utility like electricity and water.  Imperial Manila is run by the government cronies or oligarchs who don't offer electricity but oligarchtricity and they don't offer water but oligarcter because it's always an unfair monopoly.  After all monopoly systems are infamous for using and abusing their customers.

Slooooooooow Internet.  Although companies will ban using Facebook or any related social media inside their establishments (to avoid unnecessary delays), or they will also not allow employees to surf the Internet during working hours but you can't deny they still NEED Internet to process transactions like email orders or company to company transaction.  For example, banks need the Internet to process enrollment forms of their clients or get messages from the main office even if the bank website is the only thing accessible within company's premises.  Now only if Bum Aquino will realize data caps is hurting the process!

Unfair tax rates that fund the corrupt politicians.  The BIR is never called the Bureau of Internal Robbery by angry mobsters for nothing with its unfair tax charges, always charging too much to the Filipino peope.  And you probably may consider that pot of greed, Kill Henares' unfair policies.

High degrees of corruption fro the government.  One may consider how terrible Pinoylitics is.  Think about it- Ferdinand E. Macoy's death didn't kill his legacy- his children are still in power especially Bongbong Macoy who may declare martial law should be become president to extend his power.  If you don't have corrupt officials, you have STUPID ones like President Nobita who didn't abolish the oligarchy because he's just stupid.  Or think about this- Sherap after his multiple plunder cases, being impeached, imprisoned then he was allowed to run for President AGAIN then he's Mayor again?  What about his son Unggoy?  Unggoy is one of the worst thieves as revealed by the pork barrel scam.  Or think about Juan Ponce Enrile despite being the right hand man of the late Ferdinand E. Macoy became Senate President for some time.  Stupid huh?

Not to mention pollution.  I mean who wants to invest in an area plagued with squatters, lots of trash and well it's a huge source of disease and not to mention FLOODS during rainy seasons.  This will of course be a very unpleasant work environment.  After Claire Danes rightfully criticized Imperial Manila's dirtiness, she was banned for an unfair reason.

So really, get real Philippines!


  1. About slow internet, I found out that while that's the case for residential users, that's not the case for businesses. Whatever speed a business pays for, they get it (and without data caps as well). So while net connection for home use is crappy, it's actually okay in the business sector which explains the large number of BPO's setting up shop here...

    Nevertheless, the crappy net connection for home use is still very unforgivable.. (more so with data caps) >.<

    If Bum Aquino still doesn't understand that it's the fault of his Tita Cory's protectionism, which protects crappy Pinoy ISP's and thus making them immune to competition (as well as long-term development of their services), then I'm gonna bang this idiot's head against his idiot cousin's...


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