Satirical News: Fujiko Movie Studio Releases Sneak Peek of New Anime "The Misadventures of President Noybita and Doraemar"

"After 20 years, the cartoon character Filipino children always watched on TV became a President of their country, the Philippines." became the tagline of the new Anime scheduled by Fujiko Movie Studio.  The plot revolves around two characters namely Noybita a stubborn, whiny guy from the rich clan called the Nobinos and Doraemar, a blue colored robot from Japan who is sent as his political adviser.

The whole series revolves around the plot that Noybita had become the president 20 years after he was a cartoon character children always watched on TV.  Now that Noybita is the president of the Philippines, things happen for the worse.  Unlike Nobita in Doraemon, Noybita never married Shizuka because he never went beyond his whiny, somewhat crazy and loser personality.  Doraemar was a robot cat that the Nobinos purchased from Japan to be their family butler.  Since Noybita unlike Nobita was born rich, Noybita never learned to improve but kept leaning on his parents.  One of his siblings introduced is Krispy Nobino, the annoying TV show host who is one good example of what is wrong with the Philippines.  Krispy Nobino is known to have an unresolved childhood trauma, that caused her to go out with the wrong crowd.  Her annoying attitude always causes trouble.

Another cartoon character added into the story's sneak peak is Atty. Viraliano Aggrieve who despite his high bar ranking, ends up supporting the Noybita Liberal Party's mediocre standards.  He is the nemesis of Miriam Defenthor, the feisty Senator who lost a presidential election twice who is never okay with the Pwede Na Yan culture of just any party.

Other characters of the Anime will soon be revealed!