Satirical News: President Nobita's Nose Grew During Philippine Independence Day Speech!

As if President Nobita did not cover enough of his faults, the Independence Day at Bicol, Carcar caused quite a commotion. A  student at Naga in Bicol called him the "Pork Barrel King" and his "administration abusive" which he immediately dismissed as "lies".  However as he continued to speak of the adminstration's "success", some medical condition happened to President Nobita.

Every time President Nobita said something about the Philippines being 116 years of independence, his nose grew.  Other stuff during his speech that made his nose grow some more was thanks to him saying he has nothing to do with the current situation.  When he mentioned that 60/40 is to protect local businessmen, his nose grew yet again.  When he mentioned that the Philippines is a growing economy, his nose grew again.  When he mentioned he was against "ampaw policy" the more his nose grew again.  His nose grew all the more he kept blaming Gloria Abobo and the late Ferdinand E. Macoy Sr. for the economic turmoil he caused.  The more his nose grew when he denied his involvement in the pork barrel.

After the speech was over, President Nobita's nose was confirmed to have reached up to the tip of the Bicol Region.  News of President Nobita's condition will still be observed by the doctors at St. Luke's Hospital.  Doctors advised Nobita not to lie during the upcoming SONA.