Some of The Philippines' Enemies to Self-Sufficiency

In order for the Philippines to be self-sufficient, it must identify some of its enemies like...

1.) The country's Pwede Na Yan Culture or the culture of mediocrity.  After all, isn't it what's keeping the Philippines from improving?  The countrymen have poor production standards, poor infrastructure, poor standards of living, poor health, poor education and it's all said as Nobita says it, "That will do." even if the situation needs to be remedied.  It's a problem not to fix problems like drainage, reckless drivers, shoddy manufacturing processes, cleanliness... if the government refuses to solve them, how can they have good governance and raise standards?  And it goes to invade the school system where academics is reduced to a mere piece of paper... as long as they submit a thesis (even if it was a spurious one) then the teacher lets the student pass. 

2.) The bad habit of tardiness.  If one things tardiness helps, think again.  The Little Miss Late system is evidently destroying the country.  Being late is a huge nuisance.  Don't let the person wait for you too long.  Pinoys always have their excuses like the traffic and weather which why didn't they leave early?  One may also consider that with the weather, sometimes it's used as an excuse even when it's sunny.  I can understand if it was a heavy rain but a gentle rain as a reason to be late?  Not that's something.  Being late always cuts down productivity because it fails to meet schedule.

3.) The bad habit of laziness combined with extravagant living.  It's a plague not only to those born rich but sadly to those who are born poor.  For the poor, one can see some poor people who are already having no money yet they just waste their money on useless stuff.  Some of them have OFW parents whose money they waste.  Others refuse to take on "menial jobs" like being a janitor, construction worker, laborer, etc. considering it "degrading".  Others take a job but raise a lazy relative in spite of having a salary only sufficient for his or her family unit which can be worse, having many children when one cannot afford.  I guess it's no wonder my Pinoy drug mules are a plague because of laziness because it offers easy money compared to the menial jobs which they consider as degrading.  And isn't it any wonder why a lot of people in power are actually lazy?  Just look at how President Nobita is taking his responsibilities!

4.) The oligarchy system controls the necessities like food, water and electricity.  With Meralco ahem Muralco as the only power provider for Imperial Manila, can you expect it to be sufficient?  No.  With so little competition, it's very easy for the oligarchs to use and abuse its customers.  No Muralco, no electricity.  And this also makes them bully the manufacturing sector by charging them ridiculously higher rates.  Only if foreign and local companies were encouraged to compete in utilities like power and electricity, the local companies can be more self-sufficient.

5.) The Bureau of Internal Robbery and its system that is basically corrupt.  I would agree that if you have higher taxes, it's best to pay higher but some people tell me the rates are too high.  The BIR was meant to be the Bureau of Internal Revenue but it looks like its already punishing achievement by feeding the pockets of corrupt politicians.  So really, the government is wasting tax money on nonsense stuff rather than focus on the real problem of the nation.  Spent too much on the Senator's prison houses and they provided bad bunkhouses for the Yolanda victims?  That proves how stupid the Nobitacratic administration is.

6.) Easily butthurt to the truth of the Philippines' situation and can't accept they are wrong.  Sad to say but this is the most common trait of Pinoys.  They treat ever constructive criticism as an insult, they think they are always right even when they are wrong and it's always about them.  For them, the Philippines is worth living in for all the bad it has never mind it destroys progress.  For them, they are royalty that the world must grovel to them.  It's no wonder why they refuse to accept suggestions to change the country for the better.  I guess Aguirre was right when he said that no judge lectures a lawyer, only in the Pwede Na Yan court system of the Philippines or just anywhere around the world!