The Nobita Liberal Party and Pwede Na Yan

As President Nobita says, "Pwede na Yan" or "that will do" is a very damaging mindset that would hinder Filipinos from exploring their full potential.  I mean, I even want to hypothesize that why brilliant Filipinos succeed abroad but not on the Philippines is because of the Pinoy's "pwede na yan" mentality.  Now we might take a look at some of the Nobita Liberal Party's incidents.

Take the Rolando Mendoza hostage situation for instance involving Hong Kong tourists.  Because of the "pwede na yan" mentality, just think of HOW incompetent the Pinoy National Patola were in handling the situation. Worse, President Nobita just laughed over the matter, thinking it was funny.  Taking a look at how the Pinoy National Patola are in their training, I doubt it they can handle those well-armed illegal Chinese who need to be take care of.

No surprise that Aguirre's family are supporters of the Nobita Liberal Party.  So no doubt yes Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre II was a HERO,a  HERO for Pwede Na Yan.  Looking at how angry Miriam Santiago was over the incompetence of the prosecutors better called pwedecutors, one can realize it's no joke to go from eight to five to three evidences and for them it's "Pwede Na yan".  And then Atty. Aguirre makes a bravado speech.  Yes it was a bravado, a bravado for the Pwede Na Yan mentality.  Covering his ears may have proven that he wasn't willing to let go of the Pwede Na Yan Mentality.  So he isn't sorry for covering his ears in court?  Well... it might not be an offense worth disbarring BUT that shows how "Pwede Na Yan" he is.  For all who call him a hero, he is a hero for mediocre law service.  So much for his 85.25% rating and being a valedictorian in the past, if he really ends up just supporting Pwede Na Yan!  Disappointing really considering he used to be the lawyer of Lacson and Duterte... or that he knows much of legal processes.  But for one, if his expertise is real estate, he might as well stick there than enter prosecution jobs!

And for one, I guess any thoughts of real improvement probably equals suicide to President Nobita!  And for one, Pinoys do not value any higher thinking.  And who knows?  Maybe the Philippines has a a lot of unrecorded suicides for all we know.  Maybe the Philippines in reality has a higher suicide rate than Singapore and Japan.