There Should Be NO Special Treatment for Pork Senators!

How long will the Philippines keep up with following the unjust systems of other countries in the world?  And it's no wonder why it's "more fun in the Philippines" for some.  Commit a crime if you are at a higher level, you might consider the cycle of Pinoylitics.  Campaigns, wins, steals money, placed on trial, goes to St. Luke's, pardoned, runs again... which reminds us shouldn't Erap have been disallowed from running in ANY office?  Shouldn't have Bongbong been impeached years ago?  Also Enrile?  And many more!

It should be disturbing to how the Nobita Administration is an administration of No Direction.  You COULD consider these facts.  President Nobita spends so much LESS MONEY and overprices the Yolanda bunkhouses but what about the pork barrel cells?  Nobita is still defending his allies to no end no matter how wrong they are.

The pork barrel cells looks like they are a room for guests rather than a room for pigs!  That kind of room should have been for the Yolanda victims!

These pork politicians should all be LOCKED UP in regular cells.  Or better, really dirty cells!  I mean, they are pigs aren't they?  Let them have the dirtiest cells around!  You might as well think that giving them no mattress, no special treatment, etc. should discourage the pork barrel!