What If I'll Marry My First Crush Instead?!

I was thinking of the fact we're both 29 and single so what's the big deal?  Just my thought that after searching my past and present, she was really the girl I wanted.  Two the more I think about my so-called first crush, the more I think it was all but a lie and my heart yearned for someone else.  The same thing for that girl back in high school who I wanted so much but later lost interest in, or my ex-girlfriend.  So we're both single and she doesn't like the pressure of others who are marrying and having kids already.  So I was thinking what if she's the one I'll marry instead of my friend who looks like Pamela Anderson?

In my case, I was thinking what life can be for me and her.  To be honest, I hardly have any contact with her in person.  But sometimes your life partner may be a bigger surprise than you expected.  She's pretty modest to think most of the time, she is pretty simple with her lifestyle.  She does eat expensive food only if the value is worth it.  In short, she's a quality buyer.  And I thought that her modest lifestyle is one of the things I can look for a girl.  I hope though she has the characteristics inner-wise to my love and lost interest, some girl who looks like Sayuri Uchida.

So really, I was thinking about her... what if she's the one for me instead?