Why the Philippines Should Not Overly Rely on American Aid

While I'm definitely no anti-American leftist, it's good for the Philippines to have America as an ally but the problem lies is... is the Philippines overly relying on American aid?  It can be a problem answered with a yes looking at the situation.  The Philippines isn't doing anything to develop itself like encouraging more economic development among locals and foreigners, it does not encourage a change of policy for the better, it's plagued with mediocrity, it's a society that's definitely carrying the bad traits taught by Imperial Spain.  Even if Imperial Spain is gone, the values of Imperial Spain are now carried over and taught by Imperial Manila.

One must realize that the Philippines has become a parasite to the U.S. rather than an ally.  The fact that the Philippines always needs U.S. assistance is proof of how incompetent the government is.  Stuff like job development, opening up the economy, taking care of peace and order, cooperating with the successful regions of the Philippines, HOW CAN THERE BE FUNDING TO UPGRADE THE MILITARY AND CIVIL AID?  And for one, America may sooner or later break its ties because the country is becoming more of a parasite than it is an ally.

And why do I say that the Philippines has become a parasite?  I'm sure a lot of Murican loving Pinoys are going get butthurt but I'll have to say this.  Is the Philippines REALLY helping America in return after the aid given during the VFA or aid during Yolanda?  It's a hard question to answer.  And one may consider also that the Philippines has nothing to offer America in return... maybe except sluts who want to marry white men for their dollars?  With incompetent soldiers, how can the Philippines really help America?  It will sooner or later be more of a liability than an aid for America.  Plus Pinoys are not known for give and take, they are more take and take than they are with give and take evidenced by their self-centered attitude.

What is really needed for the Philippines is this- it must develop.  It must learn to develop on its own while accepting foreign aid when needed.  Here are some suggestions to improve the nation so it does not overly rely on American aid and it can buy weapons to modernize its army:

  • Remove that unfair 60/40 mandatory policy and change joint venture policies (40% only for foreign firms) with the fairer 50/50 or increase ownership of foreign firms to 60% to 80% like they did with China.  After China realized that the old child policy or population control doesn't help, opening up the economy made China a world power.  China was once a poor country but look at it now! 
  • Abolish the oligarchy.  Encourage competition.  For one, Meralco is very abusive in its monopoly of providing electricity for the residents of Imperial Manila.  
  • Allow 100% ownership of intangible assets for foreign firms once they are proven stable.
  • Imperial Manila should really do something about its mediocrity.  In short, learn to take constructive criticism.  Even if the Philippines will allow 100% ownership, who would want to invest in the ratholes of Imperial Manila like Tondo?
  • Get rid of the vices Pinoys label as virtues such as being late, crab mentality, extravagance, feasting as a necessity mentality, entertainment is first priority, hating menial jobs and there will be a powerful labor force.
  • Start implementing rules against dirtying the place like vandalism, peeing and pooing anywhere and littering like Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong does and we will expect great improvement.
  • Punish all politicians just the same.  In Singapore, EVERY guilty person gets locked up in Changgi Prison.  A maid who commits a crime is locked up in the same prison house as the politician who commits a crime.  In China, they hanged their corrupt health minister during the melamine scandal.  Don't give special treatment to politicians  Don't let them run anymore when they are guilty of huge crimes because they're most likely going to repeat it again.
  • Get rid of the stupid data caps.  Data caps basically ruins online transactions for commercial firms.  I know Facebook is not accessible in the work place but the companies still NEED Internet to make transactions with its customers these days.

That way, instead of having to need American troops to come here, the Philippines can start buying quality weapons, start raising its defense standards and it won't need to keep calling on America whenever a crisis happens... unless they really need extra manpower!


  1. And Filipinos and Pinoys alike should understand that another reason the US is helping us is it's because the latter has something it wants here in the country; as to what is that, we have yet to know.

    But then, despite this, the US can still go on even without the Philippines as they give themselves other choices (unlike Pinoys who, well, just make themselves stuck with only Pinoy-made stuff for the sake of their fucked-up nationalism). So screw those who say the US (or any other country, especially those which have large numbers of OFW's in them) will not survive without us Filipinos.....


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