Would You Spend High Priced Tickets for a VIP To Nobita's Remaining SONAs Until Term is Over?

While it can be understood if teenage fans of One Direction were crying over the VIP tickets sold out, I was thinking what about Nobitards?  Nobitards are probably MUCH WORSE than those teenagers who cried over the tickets being sold out.  And well here's one thing I can say, I'm not a One Direction fan BUT I'd rather listen to their concert than listen to any more nonsense from President Nobita's mouth.  One has to realize how Noytards are worse than those teenagers at the One Direction line.

Obviously Nobitards are like the minions of Despicable Me. They are all yellowtards regardless of age.  One Direction is aimed for younger people.  However No Direction is most likely aimed at all who are Nobitards.  One Direction those were teenagers, immature but Nobitards?  Many Nobitards are VERY immature and one may expect more TRASH from President Nobita's upcoming SONA this year and the next two years of the Nobita Administration!  So how much might they be willing to spend for any Nobita's SONA?

I guess these Noytards are probably even willing to spend more than PHP 17,000.00 for a single ticket (above is what I think any Nobita SONA tickets should look like if they ever exist), maybe even much higher.  For them, "Nobita is the leader, we must follow Nobita."  I guess, to even show their support let's say if the ticket was sold at PHP 25,000.00 they would be willing to pay it in fifty pieces of PHP 500.00 bills because it has Nobita's late father on those bills!  Besides, do expect President Nobita's nose to grow yet again!

Me, some would probably pay for one to SHUT HIM UP FOR GOOD at the front seat!!!


  1. Also, expect him to showcase getting Revilla and Jinggoy detained as one of his administration's accomplishments in his SONA...


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