My Wild Mass Guesses To Why The Power Rider Plan Failed

Looking at Saban's past, he tried to adapt Kamen Rider Black RX simply as "Masked Rider" but it was more Mashed Rider than anything because it was pretty terrible.  I mean, bad acting, poor humor... and lots of poor editing which really soured up Shotaro Ishinomori.  When PR Samurai returned, there were talks of the upcoming Power Rider series (which never happened) while an April Fool's joke of Kamen Rider Fourze getting adapted.  Now let's take a look at Toei's part:

True that Kamen Rider Fourze if ever adapted, will mean more toys to sell in America BUT let's face it, Super Sentai has more toys to sell.  When Saban adapts Sentai into Power Rangers, Power Rangers toys are mostly dependent on what Super Sentai has to offer.  In short, Toei may have already seen the difference of toy sales between one after the other.  So why did Toei allow Saban to skip Gobusters?  I would believe it was because Gobusters had low toy sales and Kyoryuger would bring loads of toys... which means Saban has to pay higher royalties to Toei.

I havee another wild mass guess that Nickelodeon, not Saban wanted the rights to Kamen Rider.  I mean assuming if Nickelodeon's producers decided to make the Kamen Rider Fourze adaptation a sequel to Planet Sheen, I don't think Toei will want to see Sheen Estevez as a Kamen Rider.  Or what if they decided to make Timmy Turner as the American version of Kamen Rider Wizard?  That would be stupid... which is better off written in fan fiction as a crossover since it is never happening.

Or another... Saban's Masked Rider was a total failure compared to the monster hit that is Power Rangers.  I mean, it could be a bad move for Toei to allow Saban to franchise Kamen Rider again.  This for me could be anothe reason.  As I said, bad acting, terrible execution, bad dialogue, failed humor to the point Black RX offers better humor, it's just one horrible mess as Yonemura's worst works.  And I guess Toei has had current experiences of Riders as bad as Saban's Masked Rider such as Decade.  If Toei wants Kamen Rider to get an American adaptation, the people who made Dragon Knight would be better.

Or in short we can go back to toys.  I mean, Kamen Rider can offer toys based on alternate forms, monsters, villains but Sentai usually can offer more.  I mean, try to compare the toys that Go-onger can offer against Kamen Rider KIva.  Usually Super Sentai offers more stuff than Kamen Rider.  Power Rangers depends on mostly stuff from Super Sentai.  So I guess Toei is after the potential pot of golds from toy sales when they allowed Saban to produce Power Rangers using Super Sentai stuff.

So what really happened we don't know.  We'll just wait for an official word.