Discerning Doraemar Roxas' "Sipsip Lang Yun" Campaign

One of the worst thing that politicians do is "kissing babies" or "sipsip lang yun".  Sipsip means excessive or insincere flattering.  Obviously Doraemar Roxas' campaign is nothing more than that or excessive or insincere flattering.  While I personally don't see anything wrong with carrying sacks with laborers (I do that myself to get exercise), I also rode public transportation and obviously it's to avoid idleness.  But what is wrong with Doraemar Roxas is that he is using his publicity to win, supposedly to become President Nobita's successor.  

The same method was used by both Sherap and Unggoy to win their campaigns.  Like father, like son.  And I heard the late Ferdinand Macoy and his son Bongbong Macoy (who's probably hoping to be the new dictator)... also did that.  Now let's think about it... Sherap and Unggoy have made their own "sipsip" campaigns trying to show they are maka-masa.  According to Sherap, he is for the mahirap (poor) which is stupid, because one may consider this... under his regime the same problems of oligarchies, corrupt officials and a lot more continued and made much worse than the late Cory or Fidel V. Ramos.  Sherap stole a lot to finance his jueteng vice, Unggoy stole a lot of Senator after he had deceived into voting for plenty of people for him.

Another thing that Filipinos need to be wary of is this... Doraemar's campaign could show he doesn't know how to delegate.  A good leader knows to DELEGATE.  He does not hoard the work for himself neither does he enslave his subjects.  Rather he shares the work.  He leads, he assigns managers and supervisors, he brings people together under influence.  Unfortunately, Doraemar's campaign doesn't impress me at all!