Failipino Politics: A Lifelong Cycle of Incompetence, Crookedness and Political Dynasties!

Obviously Nobitards want a second term for Nobita...

One of the biggest problems of the Philippines is the usual cycle of incompetence, crookedness and political dynasties.  One may also think about how President Nobita was voted in the first place- not because of his qualifications but only because of his father Ninoy which is DUMB and DUMBER!  And one may think of how corrupt (Macoy) then stupid (the late Cory), where is the Philippines going then?  It's an obvious Aliens vs. Predator War- regardless who wins, we lose!

One may remember the reason why the late Ferdinand Macoy became president in the first place.  It was his popularity as a speaker and a lawyer.  He won the hearts of people with fair speeches and the result was a 20 year dictatorship.  Then they all got bored of King Ferdinand's 20 year monarch, they protest and then Cory comes.  The 1987 Constitution amended some laws to prevent long dictatorship BUT at same time, kept the oligarchy system in power, just under different persons.

This picture should look better behind bars!  Better yet, at the death row!

The worst example of voting by winnability were Sherap and his son Unggoy.  So why did Sherap win?  It was because he was a popular movie star, never mind he's an idiot and a crook.  And why did they vote for Unggoy?  Like his father, because he was also a star and a very good speaker.  And after Sherap got into an impeachment trial for his financial crimes, he got house arrest, Gloria Abobo then pardons him (he should have been JAILED) and he runs again?  Even if he didn't win the Presidency, he still GOT to be Mayor again anyway.  And one may consider the crimes of Unggoy as well... the evil father/son team of Sherap and Unggoy should have been hanged years ago!

Regardless who wins, we lose!

Another good example is the winning of FPJ and Gloria's cheating.  Now the bright side of Gloria Abobo's cheating was that, at least the economy improved in spite of her scandals like the fertilizer scam and the ZTE broadband deal.  Now the fact is the cycle is crookedness and incompetence.  At this point, it would be wiser to chooser Gloria if you only had two choices.  And the fact that people Da King as president was only because he was popular never mind he has no high school diploma is why incompetence sits in power.

Obviously Failipinos are no brainers... voting for a no-brainer is proof of it!  Voting for a cartoon character they used to watch on TV is proof of how stupid they are!

The same goes for President Nobita... no qualifications, no achievements, no whatsoever... and yet the voted him all because his mom Cory died of cancer or because he resembles the cartoon Nobita.  His cousin Bum was even voted just for the Benigno name, never mind how stupid Bum is.  During the coup against his mom, where was he? At the disco house!  And one has to think that President Nobita like the cartoon Nobita is fond of sleeping at the most inappropriate times.  And then, the same cycle happens all over again, vote, protest, vote, protest... and Failipinos fail to see why they are the reason why political dynasties, idiots and criminals SIT IN POWER in the first place!

If President Nobita were rated for competence, this picture says it all!

The picture above may actually be a reality for President Nobita.  Maybe as a kid, he always hid all his test papers so his mom won't see them.  He may have hidden them under the rug because he's afraid his mom would see them.  Now I was passing that stage before, I was poor at studying eventually because I soon just loathed studying after I realized I couldn't become the world's greatest genius.  Moving on, President Nobita today is hiding the truth about his DAP, PDAF, etc. from the public like a child or teenager hides his failing marks from his parents.  Some of the best people may have had passed through that stage but in President Nobita's case, he's never matured from that stage YET people voted him anyway!

If President Nobita gets a second term, obviously he'd want Doraemar as vice-president!

The problem will always be this... people want to give Nobita a second term, never mind that even his late mother was against it!  So come 2016, the Philippines will be stuck in another Aliens vs. Predator war again.

Besides what part of "NO EXTENSION" can't Nobita understand from his mother anyway?