How FLIPFAGs are NOT Helping in the Progress of the Philippines!

The FLIPFAG is the Failipino Loving Ignorance/Incompetence Perpetually For All Generations is not a help to the country.  Sure they can claim to be nationalistic but either they are incompetent idiots or Communist-wannabes (like Toady Casino) who want to follow in the footsteps of the late King Kim Il Sun (King Kim Jung Un's grandfather) or Mao Zedong in economic "protectionism".  Let's examine what is wrong with the FLIPFAGs and why they are bad for the Philippines, here are signs of being a Flipfag though not all of them exist in one FLIPFAG and please, these traits spread like cancer, give enlightened Filipinos cancer!

The FLIPFAG shields his ears to the bitter truth he needs to hear.  Even when constructive criticism is given as properly as possible, for them all criticisms are invalid.  Certainly while one should shrug off bad critics, but good critics must be listened to.  For one, Viraliano Aguirre's gestures in court was obviously him defending his fellow INCOMPETENT prosecutors who, for one were treating the game Corona Impeachment like a game.  FLIPFAGs only listen to stuff like how great Filipinos like Pacquiao, Charice, Lea Salonga, Leondro Locsin, etc. abroad but when it comes to the truth of Pinoys and Failipinos, they shield their ears.  For him, nothing is wrong with the Philippines, it's his paradise.

Another way a FLIPFAG can respond to constructive criticism if it's not doing an Aguirre, he would actually respond like crazy.  For them, they perceive constructive criticism as a sheer act of "insult", for them being told the truth they don't want to hear is an "insult".  Like they'll go as bad as throwing tantrums or even GETTING PHYSICAL.  They think they are mature when they resolve to violence in doing what they do best... being butthurt!  This is probably one good reason why activist groups like Bobo Muna, Akbobo, Anak ng Bobo, etc. exist in the Philippines.  They are good at undue criticism but hate it when others criticize them.  For them, only they are right and everybody else is wrong!  Obviously, unless one accepts one's mistakes, no progress can truly happen!  Claire Danes' banning was because she spoke the truth of Imperial Manila's being dirty.

The FLIPFAG apparently does not value rules and regulations which were set for safety.  A good example is one person who can be a Peter Griffin from Family Guy.  He considers rules like penalizing people for littering, spitting, pooing and peeing anywhere, etc. as "tyranny".  He may think Singapore is everybody's favorite tyranny.  He wants a place where there are hardly any rules or maybe even no rules, then he goes double standard for his own benefit.  He may be the type who would rather trust criminals than cops.  He would consider orderly places like Singapore as repressive, he would say that he would commit suicide over following rules.  He may also be a reckless driver who can accumulate to as much as PHP 400,000.00 in speeding fines.  He may also have been kicked out

The FLIPFAG wants to be an eternal state of bliss which is the wrong view of happiness.  This makes them reject work and only think of having a good time.  They borrow tons of money just to do their fiestas.  For the fiestas help them forget their problems ignoring the fact that the money debts you have, the more your problems increases.  Borrowing money from a loan shark can cause chaos.  Not paying for one's debts can cause distrust.  The don't use their money wisely as well.  Some of them even suck blood of their relatives who are earning dollars abroad.  They also put their wants before their needs, not their needs before their wants which is stupid.

The cover up culture.  It all starts with parents covering up the faults of their children.  When the child gets scolded by the teacher, the parents quickly jump in to shield the child and quarrel the teacher.  This ruins them when they grow up.  When one thinks of how parenting these days has made light of discipline and spanking, this culture is pretty much like Murica.  A lack of discipline has led to much bigger problems which could be why Migraine International was established.  These people stand by their citizens no matter what... EVEN WHEN THAT CITIZEN HAS DONE THE CRIME AND MUST DO THE TIME!

The culture of laziness and leech breeding.  These are the types of people who want instant gratification, they become leeches to working relatives (who foolishly support them even if they have so small a salary), Remembering the textbook incident in HK where Filipinos were stereotyped as domestic helpers, many Pinoys said, "RACIST!" while bragging HK needs them. WTF!  For them, they consider being a salesman, a maid, a janitor and a laborer as a disgusting labor.  Because of that, they just squander money and become leeches.  If one becomes a housewife, she is a housewife who doesn't take care of the home and squanders the money of the husband.  Some of them may even prefer dropping out of school then entering into "easy money ventures" like becoming a drug pusher or drug mule because it gets them easy money to support their idea of the eternal state of bliss or to keep buying expensive stuff while being forever buried in debt.  In the process, these leeches also ride on the successes of Filipinos who succeed abroad.

The love for mediocrity makes it almost impossible for enlightened Filipinos to seek improvement.  Certainly one must accept one's limits, but not to seek to reach one's limit is also something that must be avoided.  Daily, I seek to become better at writing, I stumble down and I still seek to keep climbing.  Life is never an always upward journey, sometimes we must go downward.  For the Pinoy, they love mediocrity like it's why the same ampao politicians get voted over and over again, why the Obviously Pathetic Music of mediocre Failipino artists will not reach abroad, why a lot of Philippine-made entertainment don't make it to the foreign market and why exports (sales) can't exceed imports (purchases) is because of mediocre standards.  It could be why the 1987 Conjobstitution made the 40% only for foreigners rather than a fair rule of 50% on both sides (or grant even higher up to 100%) is to protect the country's mediocre standards.  Globe for example has high rates, slow speed thanks to Data Caps.

The culture of anti-foreignism is another.  The Bobo Muna have their campaign of anti-foreignism.  Why don't they just go back to the stone age?  The Filipino setting was born from influence of Spanish colonization, heck even the Philippines is named after King Philip I of SPAIN.  A lot of Filipino practices (even the bad ones) like manana habit, fiestas, etc. are Spanish.  Filipino cooking has foreign influence like sotanghon and Filipino-stylizing foods like lumpia and spaghetti.  They immediately equate patronizing imported goods with "colonial mentality".  Ironically they use imported equipment in their campaigns... heheheheh!

It's voting for popularity and/or sympathy over credibility. Why did the late Cory win?  It was because of her husband Ninoy!  Why did President Nobita win?  It was because his late mother Cory died!  Why did Sherap and Unggoy become politicians?  It was because of their popularity.  Voting for celebrities because of their popularity is just stupid because what one needs is credibility.  It sickened me to think of voting for Robert Jaworski for Senator, all because he was a popular basketball player.  Politics is NOT a basketball game.  This kind of mentality has stuck the Philippines in an Aliens vs. Predator setting in politics, regardless who wins, we lose!

Unless the FLIPFAGs either go away or stop being FLIPFAGs, the whole Philippines will sooner or later become one ONE HUGE DUMP like Imperial Manila is today!