It's the Eh Bola Virus in the Philippines!

President Nobita's yet another nonsense air speech is just all "bola" or "hot air"...

Africa has an outbreak (again) of the ebola virus.  Unfortunately the Philippines now has its outbreak known as the eh-bola virus which has been going on for so long... not just with the term of President Nobita.  The eh-bola virus is what I can describe how people are deceived by hot air.  It's very viral and it's what putting epal people in power.

President Nobita's speeches are best described as "eh bola lang yan" which in English means "It's all but hot air."  And in fact, it's been 2010 up to 2014 and what does he do?  He always blames Gloria Abobo for his mistakes, he always says that the Philippines is now an economic miracle and you can (insert trash) know it's mostly garbage.  And if he were Pinocchio, his nose would have grown 20 feet long last July 28, 2014.  But sadly, it didn't happen.  And the Philippines is now infected with this "eh bola" virus which they are deceived by the hot air speeches of politicians.

One may want to think of how President Nobita's so-called fight against corruption is nothing more than him getting vindictive.  After all, all he does is blame Gloria Abobo for his mistakes to make it look like he has none of them.  And some people don't have the real picture of the Philippines.  Just remember how President Nobita's refusal to apologize to Hong Kong for the mishap of the Rolando Murderza incident caused strains between China and the Philippines.

The problem now with the eh-bola virus is this.  It's all hot air and empty promises.  So what if the ebola virus hits the Philippines?  Will the Philippines be ready for it?  Chances are very slim and with all the hot air, you may soon discover that the Philippines is not ready for any deadly outbreak at all.  Concerned citizens really need to be wary of this eh bola virus and STOP voting for politicians based on popularity rather than credibility.  Other than that, the Philippines is just another country where the political arena is very Aliens vs. Predator- regardless who wins, the citizens lose!