Mo Twisted is A REAL TROLL!

You can tell by this screen shot that he is a malicious schemer!

Of the the biggest problems of the Failipino is their unhealthy fandom and not to mention, they are always, and I mean always deceived by the stupid sensationalism of ABiaS-CBN and Ginago Mga Audience, mostly ABiaS-CBN.  Now just made me think that after I have given up on my Mo Twisted following his trend, he has resurfaced with his obvious nuisance, thinks he's so funny but to be honest, I really, seriously think this guy is a real menace.

Plus, I can't forget what he did to Rhian to slander her with an obvious lie.  And it's no mistake how he displays his sexist attitude wit what he does towards women, treating them as toys.  Nobody and I mean NOBODY should treat anybody as objects!  Any woman who goes out with him is disrespecting herself.  Any guy who idolizes him and following in his footsteps is disgracing himself.  Seriously, men and women of sense should boycott this guy and hurl every last lie he has made outside the window.  It's even sad how I know some women even think he's such a great guy... which makes me pity them because he is really not.

He thinks he dominates the Internet, he thinks he dominates Twitter.  He just continues to act like he's got no faults never mind how many women he has treated badly, never mind how many people walk the wrong road because of him.  For one, he isn't even worth anybody's time.  His epal nature meaning craving for attention is what makes him annoying.  Besides, it's better to ignore what he's saying, he doesn't make sense in the first place!  And his hiding in America proves that he is really having guilty charges here.