Nobitards are Brainless Zombies!

It's a sad thing that there's the possibility of another six years of moronic yellowtardism with President Nobita assuming that's what the Nobita Liberal Party wants.  As far as concerned, Doraemar's show business campaign is there and regardless who wins, the Philippines loses.  So what's in the mind of the Nobitard?  It's probably worth describing as NOTHING in it.  They are brainless zombies!

For them ANYTHING that's from Aquino IS good never mind that Nobita is NOT his father Noynoy.  While the late Cory may have refused to remove the oligarchy system left behind by the martial law, you CANNOT deny that the late parents of Nobita at least, managed to regulate the Presidency and at least, managed to save a certain degree of the country from certain collapse.  Well Erap did bring the whole country down AGAIN with all his reckless spending and plunder.  Unfortunately Nobita ended up just bringing the economy down AGAIN with his stupid financial plans such as PDAF and DAP. The obviously fake bill will probably be Ninoy's reaction if he ever heard that President Nobita is planning to run a second term.

One of the worst traits of Nobitards as brainless zombies is that say any OFFENSIVE TRUTH about their idol President Nobita, they are quick to defend their master even become Internet yellow trolls for the sake of that.  They are ready to say the most offensive statements like anybody who is against Presiden Nobita is already a pro-Macoy, that such a person is against democracy and a Communist, whatever accusation they have and they will hit below the belt all they want from the Internet to the real world.  They are close minded about anything that's not Nobita, for them Nobita is the only one who's right!

In their eyes President Nobita does no wrong, they are willing to have President Nobita rule for life because they just adore President Nobita.  For them, Nobita's rule of law is the law.  For them Nobita is the constitution.  For them, Nobita is the solution to the Philippines.  What they just don't realize is that President Nobita is an idiot that needs to be dethroned PERMANENTLY!