Satirical News: Doraemar Roxas Becomes a Samurai!

President Nobita and Vice President Doraemar Roxas now try the samurai look!

As No Direction band member Doraemar Roxas campaigns as a laborer, a janitor, a tricycle driver and a traffic enforcer, the heat of Rurouni Kenshiners' gathering at Glorietta gave the Nobita Liberal Party a new idea.  It was that, their hopeful presidential candidate (unless their band leader President Nobita is granted to run again) Doraemar Roxas will win votes by becoming a samurai.

After Takeru Sato left the Philippines (but not without bringing home ampao from the Malacanang,) President Nobita and Doraemar Roxas admitted they watched the first Rurouni Kenshin movie.  Now Doraemar Roxas was last seen campaigning wearing a samurai costume with a samurai sword to win the votes of Rurouni Kenshiners.  During the campaign, President Nobita and Doraemar Roxas.  They sang this song which will be in No Direction's next album...

They sang a Tagalog cover for Rurouni Kenshin's opening song.  However much to their surprise, some butthurt Rurouni Kenshiners got kendo sticks and beat them up during their campaign for insulting their song.  However other Rurouni Kenshiners screamed and said, "Yay Doraemar Roxas for President!"