Satirical News: President Nobita Arranges to Meet with Takeru Sato!

President Nobita decides to meet Takeru Sato...

President Nobita who is currently faced with the problems of Damulag's Army in Spratlys has decided to arrange a meeting with Japanese star Takeru Sato.  Takeru Sato arrived at the Nobita Aquino International Airport because of the screening of Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto's Inferno.  President Nobita reveals the reasons why he wanted to meet with Takeru Sato head on.  President Doraemon was sent to arrange a meeting between President Nobita and Takeru Sato.

"I would like to meet Takeru Sato for these reasons.  I believe that if the Philippines can secure the Den-Liner, the problems of the MRT will be solved when my term is over.  Also, we will need help from some Kamen Riders and Super Sentai to help us defeat Damulag's Army." said President Nobita in an interview.

Money from the DAP was used to purchase lots of ampao as a welcoming gift...

Takeru Sato was being welcomed by President Nobita's men with some special ampao from Carcar, Cebu.  Takeru Sato expressed his appreciation of the president's hospitality.  "Ampao is the symbol of Filipino hospitality.  I hope the cast of Rurouni Kenshin will enjoy our ampao." said President Nobita.  Other stuff given to the Rurouni Kenshin cast were dried mangoes and bukarilyo, also from Cebu.  President Nobita also sent an invite to Takeru Sato to play Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with him.  The Malacanang also gave Takeru Sato a copy of the first CD of the political band "No Direction".

Pinoy pridist Toady Casino expresses his hatred for non-Pinoy stuff while hypocritically wearing Western style clothes

Toady Casino and some members of Bobo Muna were apprehended for protesting against Takeru Sato's arrival.  Toady Casino expressed, "How can the Philippines progress if it keeps opening up to foreigners.  We must protect the OPM industry, the Philippine movie industry.  We can beat China with bolos and spears, we are the best!"  The protest escalated also when President Nobita expressed the desire to meet with Takeru Sato.  The Zaidorks were also arrested in their attempt to promote more cheap productions.

The evil father/son pig team decides to take action...

Meanwhile Sinator Unggoy was visited by his father Sherap in his detention cell.  Sinator Unggoy plans to make sure Anime is gotten rid of.  He states, "Clearly I am in prison because the Anime character that children used to watch on TV, 20 years later he became the President of the Philippines!  And now that cartoon character wants to meet a Kamen Rider to help defeat Damulag's Army! Worse, he might eradicate all his enemies with the help of more Anime characters!"