Satirical News: Representative Nutty Cuckonares Passes Rolando Mendoza Bill!

Bobo Muna House Representative Nutty Cuckonares just passed a new bill called the "Rolando Mendoza Bill".   He planned to celebrate Rolando Mendoza as a hero especially on his passing away of Rolando Mendoza who was killed during the Manila Hostage Crisis of 20 Hong Kong tourists.  Eight Hong Kong tourists were dead during the time Rolando Mendoza wanted his position back.

"I cannot see any braver man of nationalism but Rolando Mendoza.  By holding those 20 Chinese tourists hostage, he has helped free our nation from undue foreign influence.  We will never forget his brave sacrifice.  Only if he had not died during that day, he could have helped us avenge the deaths of Elizabeth Bitayin, Ramon Non-Credo and Sally Violationa who were unjustly killed in China.  Those yellow demons have infested our country long enough, only if there were more people like him to free our country from the influence of Chinese for the sake of Pinoy Pride!" said Rep. Cuckonares during an interview.

Bobo Muna leader Toady Casino commented, "Our hearts are still patronizing the brave sacrifice of Rolando Mendoza and the betrayal done by his killer, to our fellow Pinoy.  I cannot tolerate any more of these Chinese continuing to influence and desecrate our Pinoy culture any longer.  The Anti-Chinese Bill must be passed and Rolando Mendoza must be declared a national hero as soon as possible."

The bill was passed just yesterday, a day before the death anniversary of Rolando Mendoza.