Satirical News: Toady Casino Apprehended by Cops For Attempting to Stop Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno Screening!

Bobo Muna member Toady Casino caught by policemen as he tried to stop the screening of Rurouni Kenshin!

Bobo Muna party member Toady Casino was apprehended by cops after he was caught with his fellow Bobo Muna members in their attempt to stop the screening of Rurouni Kenshin:Kyoto Inferno.  They were unable to attack the premiere event last August 7, 2014 due to the tight security offered by President Nobita.  During the screening, Toady Casino wanted to sabotage SM Mandaluyong's cinema to prevent the screening last August 20, 2014.  He was however apprehended by cops before he could do anything to stop the screening of the movie.

Later Toady Casino was released just today after authorities forced him to watch the movie and the Anime.  Toady was tied down to a chair during the premiere night at the VIP seat while his mouth was taped with a silver tape to keep him quiet.  He could do nothing else but get upset at the the fact he was forced to watch a movie that was not a Pinoy production.  He was detained in the cell last August 21 up to 22 forced to watch Rurouni Kenshin Anime for 48 hours in loud volume.  He was constantly begging for Pinoy series like Panday.  Under orders, he was only served Japanese food.

Released today, Toady Casino was escorted outside the jail pretty angry.  During an interview he said, "That was the worst movie ever!  It's not Pinoy!  Pinoys are the best movie makers, best singers, Pinoy dominate the world!  Our countrymen have lost their sense of nationalism first by buying those One Direction tickets and two, when the premiere night beat all the Tagalog movies together!  Even our government is a treasonous government for allowing foreign stuff.  I must become President and I will rename the Philippines as the Pinoypines and create an Pinoy-only kingdom!"