Some Reasons Why the Philippines' Exports Can't Exceed Its Imports

One of the biggest problems for the Philippines is its self-sufficiency.  If the Philippines expects respect abroad, it must earn its respect.  But how can it earn its respect IF most of its standards are sub-standard, below par, no seeking for improvement and you may want to thank the oligarchy for that.  Now for some reasons why I think why the Philippines' exports can't exceed imports.  It doesn't take a doctorate in any business related field to understand this!

A lack of accountability always gives way to haphazard manufacturing.  Remember the Chinese melamine scandal?  China was shamed when its health minister had a lack of accountability.  The Chinese government made sure that he was executed along with other accomplices.  Sadly in the Philippines, there is a lack of accountability.  It can be evidenced by faulty inspections (thank to bribery system), a lack of scrutiny fo businesses and you may as well consider that most people engage in the crooked practice of double standard businesses.

The "Pwede Na Yan" mentality also decreases quality.  Contentment is different from mediocre standards. To be content means to accept one's limitations.  But we have to seek to improve without trying to drag others.  The problem today is people don't care about quality.  How many DepEd textbooks contain a lot of mistakes that 99% of the time, it's the teacher who's right over the books?!  One may also think that a lot of Philippine products are a product of shoddy manufacturing or just poor quality.  If the local Filipinos cannot even appreciate Failipino products, how then can you expect foreigners to appreciate it?

People who think the Philippines is blessed with 60/40 better think again.  Yes it does protect but only protects the oligarchy.  The system of the oligarchy creates a monopoly, discourages competition and if you are the ONLY provider, you can go ahead and be abusive.  Data caps are common in Philippine-based ISPs.  One may also consider how abusive Muralco is with its provision of electricity in Luzon.  A high rate of electricity discourages production.  The oligarchs are most likely to demotivate their employees with very low, unjust wages and not to mention, they tend to get away with employee abuse!

The Bureau of Internal Robbery.  To be honest, only if a bucket of acid were poured over Kill Henares!  Or for that BIR staff, it would have been better if it were Kill Henares!  With the Philippines' tax rates being that high, people are discouraged from earning more because the government seeks to punish achievement.  At the same time, the Bureau of Internal Robbery is probably rewarding laziness at the same time!  People would rather stay as low job employees because they will be taxed unjustly when they get higher ranks!  High taxes will also discourage import of necessary equipment and materials that Filipino companies will need to be better.

The statement that President Nobita says that traffic is a good sign of economy is STUPID!  I mean, China during the past had HIGH TRAFFIC but it didn't mean that the economy of China was booming that time!  Traffic is an obstacle to delivery of materials.  In manufacturing, it doesn't take an MBA graduate to know every minute counts!  Common sense will dictate that every minute counts.  Not having enough materials can cause severe backlogs in the manufacturing process.

Crab mentality in the workplace.  Instead of being cooperative, people are competing against each other for the employee of the month award.  One may need to consider that the employee for the month award should be given for the one who influences people for the better, or sometimes better none at all but rather, give rewards to all who work together.  Crab mentality causes schedules to fall behind and in the process, decrease the quality of work creating low quality products.

Poor source of employment.  I mean how do you expect productivity from employees who are lazy, habitually drunk and can't even follow simple guidelines?  You might as well think of the mentality that when the cat is away, the mouse will play!

The attitude that shuns off constructive criticism.  For these manufacturers, they are the best.  When a foreigner will tell them what they can do to improve, the just act like Aguirre during the Corona Impeachment Trial.  They may not even listen to customer feedback as well.  Most of them do so because they are oligarchs.

And of course, Little Miss Late or Failipino time.  They always get late, they don't show up on time and this of course, causes backlogs to work.  How can you expect manufacturing to be competent if time schedules aren't strictly met?  Common sense really!

I hope I have given enough reasons.  Besides, like it or not, these problems affect the Philippines!


  1. Great article, Sean.

    1. I wrote this article to raise awareness of bad standards in the Philippines. The idea of not promoting improvement is one of the reasons why the Philippine export industry is a dying thing and needs to be revived.


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