The Philippines is FULL of Yellow Journalism!

The term "yellow journalism" can be defined as using melodrama, romance and hyperbole to sell millions of newspapers.  It was first used by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer who were both rival newspaper owners.  The color yellow was main character of the comic book "Hogan's Alley" called the Yellow Kid.  R.F. Outcault was made to work for Hearst and in response, Pulitzer had a cartoonist create another yellow kid hence the term began.  In America, you have them in the form of tabloids but let's talk about the Philippines' own yellow journalism.

Yellow journalism is very rampant on the media from newspapers to well... TV.  You can always think of the acronym ABS-CBN can actually mean, "ABias-CBN", "A Biased Stupid Corporation Broadcasting Nonsense" or "Aquino Broadcasting System, Cojuanco Broadcasting Network" to which is the pioneer of yellow journalism.  No surprise that aside from being ran by an Aquino/Cojuangco partnership, the Nobita Liberal Party also wears yellow and Kris Aquino is its major icon of ABias-CBN.  And how is it full of YELLOW JOURNALISM?

Noli De Castro is known for sensationalist news reports and apparently, Failipinos LOVE sensationalism don't they?  Indeed, like the reports of "aswang", "duwende", "manananggal", "impakta" and the like are done to exaggerate an issue like that Lily Aswang story.  I remembered how much I argued with people over this STUPID news.  Just because somebody says it doesn't mean it's so.  The problem with Failipinos are is that, they are easily manipulated by the Yellow Media.  Even that flesh eating disease hoax was done to "increase viewership" and "raise panic"... or one might also consider how they sensationalized that mini-chaos because of the One Direction ticket as if it were an important issue!

For them, whatever ABias-CBN says, they obey like the Minions of Despicable Me.  For them the Yellow Media is the only truth, never mind other credible sources like CNN and BBC which is not afraid to show the real picture of what's going on.  In turn, they shun everything else like Aguirre shunned Miriam's berating of the prosecution board's incompetence because she wasn't a Nobita Liberal Party member.  For them, any yellow news is truth and the truth is on yellow which is a good reason why the Philippines DOES NOT progress!


  1. Frankly, I wouldn't also count on CNN and BBC that much if I were you. Although I do agree that they're at least much better than both ABiaS-CBN and Ginagago Mga Audience...


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